How to get Results

Financial Independence


When I began this journey, I started making so many changes.  I closed my storage locker. I switched my healthclub and Satellite radio. I even sold a bunch of my stuff on Ebay.  I reviewed my purchases from 2016.  And I started taking control of my money.

That was the process.  Review my spending and cut back on every purchase I wasn’t getting maximum value from.  Cut out dumb spending.  And each month I would be able to save and invest much more.

Results:  My bank account was growing steadily into April.  And then on April 15th, my bank account went flat.  All gone.  I had to pay my taxes and it was  very discouraging.

But here’s the thing.  I wasn’t discouraged because I knew the process was working.  My bank account showed little in the way of results.  Yet, I knew that the process was working and I would accumulate more money in my bank account over the next few months.

My setback was caused by taxes.  But everyone has financial setbacks in this process.  It could be a healthcare issue, buying glasses, an unexpected trip, family emergency, or taxes.  Setbacks are part of life.  That’s why you need a buffer and emergency fund.

Focus on the process.  Once you’ve begun to make these changes, the process will create results.  But in the beginning, focus on the process.  That’s how you will get results.

And Keep Going!



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