Hitting the Wall

Nobody said this was going to be easy.

When I began this journey, I started making tons of progress.  I got rid of my storage locker, reviewed the dumbest stuff I bought in 2016, cut back on wasteful spending like my health club, insurance, XM Satellite, and so much more.  I went so far that I cut pizza delivery out of my budget.  It was great.  I had tons of momentum.  I even started this blog to keep me motivated.   Which was a great decision too.  And thank you all for your support.

So, what happened?

I hit the wall last week.  I’m not sure exactly why.  But, when I bought my new glasses (and got ripped off), I lost some serious momentum.  Let me explain.

Adulting: noun. The practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.

I am starting to budget and plan ahead, which is great.  But, in all honesty, I was in the habit of doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted .

Children do what feels good.  Adults devise a plan and stick to it.” –Dave Ramsey

And that applied to money as well.  So, the same day that I finally decided to  get glasses, I realized that U2 was coming to town that same weekend.  And I wanted to go.

One problem: the cheapest tickets were $250.  The bad seats were $250.  Ugh.  As we learned with Adele, I am not opposed to paying money for a great concert.  However, this seemed like a total ripoff.  When did concerts get SO EXPENSIVE? When did everything get so expensive?  My glasses cost between $500- $1,000.  Why is everything so expensive when I’m trying to cut back and save money?

Taxes:  This year I decided that I was getting off the tax merry go round.  I decided that as an adult, I was going to pay my quarterly business taxes on time.  And not wait until April 15th and get hit with a huge tax bill again.  No more.  Well, guess when my next quarterly payment is due? It’s on my calendar.  Its next month.  June 15th.  So, I know that I have to pay for glasses, taxes, my bills, savings, and investments.  As well as Double car payments to have my car paid off in the next few months.  Bottom Line:  The U2 concert didn’t fit in my budget.

I’ve been low level annoyed all week.  And I think it sent me into the wall.  This adulating stuff isn’t easy.  There are choices.  Everyday.  And when you budget, you realize that all expenses count.  Even taxes and healthcare,  which I never included because I got no benefit from either one.  Concerts are worth spending money on because they’re fun and you have memories and post it on Facebook.

Does anyone post on Facebook that they paid their taxes?  Let me know if you see a paid my taxes selfie.  And, there is no upside to paying taxes.  The reason we pay taxes is to avoid going to jail if you don’t pay them.  And for the next 364 days I get to read how the government is wasting my money with $50 Hammers and $200 Toilets.   Welcome to adulting.

The upside:  Of course, I will survive missing the U2 concert.  And when I pay off my car in a few months, I will be psyched.  And I am making a lot of progress.

The List:  I keep a list of all the areas I’ve saved money next to my check book and there are about 24 things on it:  cutting back on healthcare, insurance, health club membership, storage locker, magazines, XM satellite. and many others.  Reminding yourself of all the positive things you’re doing is essential.  Because keeping focused on the long term is hard sometimes.

Be prepared if you hit the wall.  But keep going!


Thanks for your support.

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One thought on “Hitting the Wall”

  1. I hear you. Keep it up – you’ll make it through. It’s like opening your eyes, no?: yes, everything is incredibly expensive, all the time. You start paying attention to your money – valuing what it takes you to make it – and suddenly everything jumps out as expensive. (And it can bug you when you get ripped off, too.)

    Maybe plan some reward for yourself as you hit a goal: e.g., your car payoff? I did that to motivate myself – and enjoy life, too – as I repaid debts. Then we had a huge party when my student loans were finally done; that’s still a fond memory. Celebrate the wins!

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