Nice try, Mastercard

I always pay off my credit card balances each month.  And I never pay fees or interest.  So, when I got my MasterCard bill this weekend, I knew something was very wrong.

They charged me a $25 fee.  Wtf?  Ugh

Which means I have to waste 10 minutes talking to them to reverse a fee that could never have even happened if I listened to Dave Ramsey and cut my credit cards up. Maybe he was right. Anyway.

Well, It was my fault.  Somehow I sent the wrong amount … by $3.43.  (Just Another sign I need glasses!)  I paid on time, but I sent them the wrong amount. I was off by $3.43 And they pounced like a tiger to add late fees, interest charges, and who knows what else.

Of course, I called them and had it reversed.

And it happens every now and again, I’ll send them money and because of a holiday or whatever, they receive it a day later than the “due date” and they do the same thing: late fees and penalties. And that’s my fault, of course.

But, I really am struck by this feeling that they are ready to pounce: on anyone who falls behind on their payments, gets sick, loses a job, has a crisis etc …  they’re not messing around.

And if you’re reading this and don’t have an emergency fund, read my post about it and do it, because they’re waiting and so are other companies that will take advantage of your situation: credit card companies, payday loans, auto leasing companies, etc …

And I’m not saying it’s not a perfectly legal business -it is.  I’m saying it’s a perfectly legal business where they make more money when you are most vulnerable.  When you lose a job or have a crisis or someone gets sick.

Life happens.  Be prepared.    I’ve lost a job, had a family crisis, and gotten sick in the last 5 years.  And I wish I had an emergency fund in place.

Anyway, I’m even more convinced of my plan:  over the next couple years I only want to have a couple of debit cards and only two credit cards.  Simple. Easy.

Why not go cold turkey? Well, I get benefits from one of my cards when I travel like access to airport lounges etc… that I think is really worth it.  It makes traveling easier.  And I get value.  But I’m not saying no, either.  It’s possible.  I may just decide to exclusively use debit cards.  We’ll see. 

I’m going to cancel the majority of my other cards.  Just not worth it. The more of them I have open, the higher the possibility of something going wrong.

And I just don’t trust them, really.

Nice try, MasterCard.

One thought on “Nice try, Mastercard”

  1. I set my credit cards to autopay the minimum for this very reason. I always check my statements once a week (to make sure there’s no funnybusiness) and manually pay the total balance off every month, but the autopay works as a failsafe to make sure I don’t get hit with any late fees.

    I think cutting up credit cards is probably overkill if you’re the kind of person who never spends more than they can cover at any given moment, but I don’t blame anyone for cutting up their credit cards to bolster their willpower.

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