5 Signs you’re about to get ripped off

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5 Signs You’re about to get ripped off. 

1. Procrastinate until something is a mini crisis.

I didn’t want to get glasses.  Because glasses are for old people and needing glasses would mean I am getting older.  So, I procrastinated doing the sensible thing.  I have those cheap internet glasses, but have known for a few months I needed real glasses.  I waited until it was a mini crisis.  So, instead of researching and asking around, I scheduled a last minute appointment with a local optometrist.  I wanted to see a reputable doctor to check out my eyes.  And I was planning to buy glasses via Costco later on.

2.  Don’t research before you head out.   It was a mini crisis, so I made an appointment for the same day.  The appointment went well and I wanted to support the Doctor by purchasing glasses from her boutique.  I knew nothing about the pricing.  I was a sitting duck.

3. Listen to a sales person.   I’ve never worn glasses, so I was astonished at how much they wanted for the frames.  And I kept asking the guy, Are glasses really this expensive?  Dont you have anything less expensive?  When you go to the upscale boutique, you’re gonna get ripped off.  My goal was  to check this off my list.  “Got glasses.”

4.  Go to an upscale boutique.  Disaster.  I was lazy and in a hurry.  So, I got roped into 2 pairs of glasses that could pay a month’s rent in most of the country.  More stupid tax.  And lazy tax.

5. Stop thinking.  I’m not sure where my brain went during this fiasco.  It was at the end of a long day and I really wanted to cross “get glasses” off my list.  After heading home and feeling like I had purchased two versions of the Brooklyn Bridge of glasses, I started regretting this disaster Big Time.   I went online and visited Costco and called the boutique and told them I was willing to pay a little more than Costco, but not their ridiculous markup.  They said they would get back to me.

What happened?  I spoke to the manager and I basically said I appreciated the optometrist appointment, but couldn’t justify paying so much more than Costco.  She managed to find room in their pricing and reduced the bill by about 60%.  This was acceptable to me because I liked the frames I purchased and I didn’t want to go to Costco and spend 2 more hours shopping for new glasses.  My time is valuable.  I still got ripped off,  because I ignored these 5 signs.

Final thoughts:  I was really mad about this.  I texted my cousin to check how much he paid for his glasses at Costco. I should have done this before being in the situation to make a purchase.  I was dumb and in a hurry.   I realized I had been completely ripped off.

I like to support local businesses and I don’t know how optometrists can stay in business with this model.    It’s a little disheartening how a Dr. is involved with a business that is so close to the line of ripping people off.    But, I allowed this to happen.

Buyer beware.

I made this happen.  I procrastinated.  Then, I was in such a  hurry that I did no research.  I listened to a sales person.  I went to an upscale boutique when I didn’t need to.  And I simply stopped thinking.  Luckily, my brain came back and I fixed this disaster.  But, I created the disaster.

Be aware of these 5 signs you are about to get ripped off.


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  1. Very insightful about retail purchases. The fact that you called back and negotiated is an important point too. A lesson learned and shared. Now that you have your prescription try Warby Parker which has an interesting business model.

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